Demonstration forests play an important role in the promotion of close to nature forestry. They showcase uneven-aged management at different stages under different natural and economic conditions.

This section only deals with demonstration forests set up before 2017 based on methodology proposed by Miroslav Sloup. Some of the demonstration forests may include Uneven-Aged Management Demonstration Forests (EFUUAFs) with demonstration areas (DAs) – smaller-scale areas of detailed periodic tree measurements taken according to Jiří Zahradníček’s methodology.

The forest samples were prepared by the authors of the guides listed below and by Milan Hron, Jiří Remeš, Miroslav Sloup, Jiří Souček, Vladimír Tesař, Tomáš Vrška, Jiří Zahradníček. The demonstrations were described thanks to the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic and the Forest Management Institute of the Czech Republic.

Běstvina Demonstration Forest (Pavel Starý)

Boží Dar Demonstration Forest (Karel Picura)

Cvilín Demonstration Forest (Milan Košulič)

Klepačov Demonstration Forest

Kocanda Demonstration Forest (Pavel Bednář)

Královský Hvozd Demonstration Forest (Miroslav Sloup)

Praha Demonstration Forest (Dan Frantík)

Sokolíčko Demonstration Forest (Libor Janda)