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Pro Silva Bohemica is an association of foresters and forest friends who practice the use of natural processes in forest management in order to better and more sustainable profits and maintaining the continuity of the parallel fulfillment of all forest functions.

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Pro Silva Bohemica in Switzerland

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45 members of the Czech branch office of Pro Silva Europa – Pro Silva Bohemica visited Switzerland to see the best practice of selection forests. In between August 27th and 31th they went to Couvet and Emmental (Toppwald) on a study trip.

Selection forests and climatic change
The topic of this study trip was a history, a present and a future of selection forests in its real home. Czech foresters who support close to nature forest management based on Pro Silva principals had a chance to see forests stands where Henry Biolley and Walter Ammon worked and their followers continue and face to face the hard influence of climatic change. Selection forests are still alive but climatic, economic and social changes hit hardly this tradition concept of the close to nature forest management.

Conversion to „Dauerwald“
Aplication of selection principles and following of the nature is the only sustainable way for foresters in Grenchen and Selzach too (Swiss Jura). They decided to change their mind and management system 25 year ago to prepare forest for the future. Members of Pro Silva Bohemica saw clearly examples of conversion of clear cutting system to the „Dauerwald“.

The winner will be Oak
Swiss foresters estimate that the winner of the climatic change in Switzerland is going to be Oak. Nature shows the way and foresters have to follow it and accompany the forest softly into the future by application of selection principles.

Jan Kozel Pro Silva Bohemica

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Report on International Workshop in Czech Republic – 25th to 26th October 2018

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Exemplary Forest Units of Uneven-Aged Forestry in the Czech Republic.
On 24th October eight of us, Padraig O Tuama, Padraig Dolan, Fionan Russell, Tomas Hanrahan, Kieran O Connell, Paul Finnegan, Ted Wilson and Andy Dunne travelled to the Czech Republic to attend a CCF conference being held by Pro Silva Bohemica. After arrival in Prague airport we rented a mini-bus and travelled together to the Hotel Medlov in the Kocanda District about two and half hours travelling east of Prague close to the district town, Žďár nad Sázavou. Below is the blurb on the invitation to attend the work shop in Kocanda District. The workshop structure was forty per cent presentations and sixty per cent visit in the forest where we could see demonstration of forest transformation in practice. The attendance was made up of approximately eighty Czech foresters, eight from Ireland with representatives from Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland.

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